Fr. Mendoza…a Case of Bi-Location?

One day I was in downtown Dallas with a good friend of mine and we decided to go to Mass at St. Jude’s Chapel, which is in the heart of the business district.  When we arrived I noticed that they were having Mass and simultaneous confessions.  My friend and I went in to the chapel and decided to go to confession.  My buddy was right before me in line.

In this chapel the confessional is the kind where the priest is in the middle and there is a room on either side of him.  When you go in he slides the panel open and while you are still behind a screen you can confess. The screen slid open and Fr. Mendoza was there and I said my confession.

After receiving absolution the screen was slid closed.  I stood up and opened the door to see Fr. Mendoza up on the altar celebrating Mass!  I was stunned.  I asked my friend later who he had for confession and he said that he had an American priest, not Father Mendoza.

Having spoken with Father Mendoza several times before I KNOW with absolute certainty that I confessed to him and only to him.  But then I saw him at the altar in his priestly robes assisting with Mass.  It was amazing.


Tobin Pilotte